Thursday, November 8, 2012

30 days to go

I'm so happy!

One month from now, I will be married. :)
Almost everything is set in place. I just have to pay a few more wedding bills and pick a beach. That's IT.

I'm entirely convinced just the two of us in St. Thomas was the way to go. I've had little glimpses into traditional wedding planning, and I don't like it. I COULD do it, but I think I wouldn't be as happy or satisfied. *cough perfectionist! cough*
I'd rather focus on other things!

I'm so ready to get away, relax with my fiancé, and make new memories together.

Pre-marital counseling is going well, too. Chris and I had discussed a lot of things beforehand & went through a book, but a professional always helps. Even if I *know* certain things, hearing a therapist say it just STICKS with me. I don't know why. (That's why they're the expert!)
Found out tonight, though, I will need a couple of individual sessions with her because I have issues. :) Oops.

One month is going to go by so fast. Trying to savor it all.

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