Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I've been busy!

Long time no blog! Sorry, I've had a lot to do. :)
This isn't going to be a intense post so much as it will be a mini-update on my life.


First of all, I GOT ENGAGED 18 days ago. YAY!

Chris and I are getting married this December in St. Thomas and moving into a new place together right after. AHHHH, I can't wait.

Yes, it's a short engagement and it's going to be a small ceremony (just the two of us), but we did that on purpose. I do not want to be anxious over planning a wedding. My fiancĂ© (!!) says, "I'd rather concentrate on the marriage than the wedding." YES!  (Besides, I do not know one married couple that has NOT said, "I wish we just would have eloped.")

I've already got a coordinator and a photographer; we start pre-marital counseling soon; and I *think* I found a dress, but I'm going shopping again this weekend.
Even this stuff has me pooped & stressed. I can't imagine doing something bigger; I'd be on anti-anxiety medication by the end of day two. (I really would.)


In other news, my Bible study started up again last week while I was on vacation, so tonight will be my first night. I missed my girls!

I have always been blessed by great groups of friends in each stage of my life (high school, college, Arkansas, Dallas...). I'm so thankful I pushed aside my nervousness about doing something new by myself and signed up for Bible study two years ago. :) I love my Table 17!

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