Friday, April 13, 2012

this is my Saturday

I read this amazing, AMAZING blog post on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

I know what to reflect on and how to feel on the day of Jesus' death and subsequent resurrection, but what about the day in-between?
RefineUs' blog post nailed it (oh, no pun intended):

My favorite parts? "Sometimes my dream has to die before God can give birth to His vision," and " are not in a season of defeat but a season of preparation."

I'm definitely living in my Saturday right now. Friday came and it SUCKED; I can't see the Sunday that is coming. I know it's out there somewhere...but what/when is it?!

In other news, I'm trying to decide if I want to get some wispy side bangs at my next hair cut (a little over a week from now) and/or if I finally want to get my wrist tattoo.
I wanted to do both of them in the past, but was worried about what I would look like/what others would think.
But, even now, I've been going back and forth from excitement to unsureness. Maybe I don't really want either?

It's weird trying to figure out what I want, for once.


  1. I was freaking out about getting my nose pierced up to the very moment I got it done - then spent a lot of time worried about how my parents and conservative former-life mentors would react. I'm happy to say that it is now my favourite accessory. And I want a wrist tattoo, as well - just need to get to designing it :) Be well, friend.